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Connection Dental Network

PPO USA is Your Access to the Connection Dental® Network

PPO USA has leveraged the power of the Connection Dental Network to provide the BEST national network of dentists to third party administrators (TPA), brokers, consultants, insurance companies, self-insured employer groups, Taft-Hartley Trust Funds, and regional dental plans.  Although PPO USA provides access to over 170,000 dentist locations nationwide (over 56,000 UNIQUE dentists), we take a client centric approach to break down the network to help clients create the winning request for proposal (RFP) to secure employer groups.  

The Connection Dental Network allows clients the flexibility to design the network to maximize customer expectations.  The network can serve as a stand-alone or layered dental PPO, and can be incorporated into an existing indemnity to manage costs with little or no disruption for your employer groups.

The Connection Dental Network offers clients excellent dental cost containment with national competitive discounts from 29-35%.  All participating dentists agree to accept the lower of the Connection Dental Network fee schedule amount or their usual fee as payment in full for scheduled services. 

Perhaps that’s why PPO USA has grown to become one of the nation’s leading health care cost management companies.  Come Grow with Us.