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PPO USA Offers Nationwide Access to One of the Largest Dental PPO Networks 

PPO USA markets and leases the Connection Dental® Network to third party administrators (TPA), brokers, consultants, insurance companies, self-insured employer groups, and Taft-Hartley Trust Funds who are empowered with nationwide access to voluntary benefit solutions.   PPO USA is not an insurance company and does not process claims.  


Third Party Administrators (TPA) and Clearinghouses

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Your employer groups will have nationwide access to dentists who have agreed to accept competitively negotiated fees for their services by participating in the Connection Dental Network.  Employer groups will receive service discounts from 25-30%.  In return, third party administrators will build stronger relationships with your clients because the network is flexible in design to help you meet employer group’s specific needs.  Rely on PPO USA as your client partner to create any reports necessary to help you win and retain business.  TPA's can get the latest in dental ancillary benefit news on LinkedIn.

Insurance Companies

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Connection Dental Network size and discounts (25-30%) translate into highly effective cost management that will reduce costs for insurance companies and your members.  By supplementing current dental networks, you can potentially lower claim's costs, so you can be more competitive.  Quick decisions need to be made in this ever changing marketplace, PPO USA will assign a dedicated account specialist to be available for any questions you may have.  Join the Dental Network Solutions and Information for Insurance Carriers discussion on LinkedIn.

Consultants and Brokers

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PPO USA offers a nationwide dental PPO network with low negotiated fees and top-rated customer service to help consultants’ and brokers’ members save money.  Members receive 25-30% lower out-of-pocket expenses by visiting one of the Connection Dental Network dentists.   A dedicated account specialist, who is familiar with your company, will be your main point of contact to handle any questions or concerns. Learn more about Dental Network Solutions and Information for Insurance Brokers on LinkedIn.

Self-Insured Employer Groups

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PPO USA doesn’t offer a one size fits all dental network.  The Connection Dental Network is flexible so self-insured employer groups can customize it to meet company needs, while lowering employee out-of-pocket and plan expenses (25-30%).   When needs change, PPO USA’s team is able to respond quickly to meet your expectations.  Employees can easily find a provider by visiting or by calling toll-free 877-277-6872.  Read the latest industry news on PPO USA's LinkedIn discussion page, Dental Network Solutions and Information for Self-Insured Employer Groups.

Taft-Hartley Trust Funds

No matter where your group is located, Connection Dental Network is there.  Members have access to dentists in all 50 states.  PPO USA has a proven track record in providing first-class customer service and offering 25-30% savings to Taft Hartley Trust Fund Groups. Union groups want to provide the best network of dentists to their members.  PPO USA will evaluate and provide reports based on member data received during consultation and make recommendations on the best options for your members.

Regional Dental Plans

Adding the nationwide Connection Dental Network to bolster a regional dental plan can lead to reduced out-of-pocket expenses for all client members, regardless of location.  Choosing to layer the Connection Dental Network with a regional dental plan provides the flexibility to accommodate employees that are outside of the plan.  Because all participating dentists agree to accept a pre-determined service fee schedule, employer groups and their employees will receive 25-30% discounts when they visit their dentist within the network.   


Make your benefit plan stand out from the crowd.  PPO USA also offers Connection Vision® powered by EyeMed and Connection Hearing® by HearPO.  These ancillary voluntary benefits have shown to attract and retain good employees.