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Provider Recruitment and Credentialing

Connection Dental® Network Provider Recruitment and Credentialing

Growing a high quality national network of dentists is an ongoing mission for PPO USA through targeted recruitment and credentialing.  

Provider Recruitment

Connection Dental Network targets dentists by concentrating recruitment efforts within a specific geographic area and identifying a group of highly-utilized dentists.  PPO USA coordinates with Connection Dental Network to recruit dentists nominated by employer groups.  If a member wishes to visit a provider outside of the Connection Dental Network, a group’s utilization analysis will be performed by PPO USA to recruit that provider into the Connection Dental Network.


Clients and members can nominate a dentist not found in the Connection Dental Network by filling out a Nominate a Dentist form.  After the nomination is received, a Connection Dental Network recruitment specialist will contact that provider.


Dental Recruit Utility: this custom-built utility allows for the complete and accurate tracking of the Connection Dental Network provider recruitment process.  This state-of-the-art tool helps to ensure the most effective and efficient recruitment process is followed for continual network development. 


The Connection Dental Network is a national, open-panel, and fee-for-service PPO network. Dentists are welcome to join if they meet the credentialing requirements and agree to the participation terms.  To learn more, please visit Connection Dental Network.




Providing the best dentists to clients and their employer groups is a top priority for PPO USA.  Providers are credentialed and re-credentialed through an outside Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) and by internal peer review.  Initial credentialing occurs when the provider agrees to Connection Dental Network’s contract terms and becomes a participating provider.  Dentists must be re-credentialed every three years thereafter.  Credentialing evaluates dentists’ qualifications and that any applicable state regulations are being met.  It does not guarantee any level of quality or service performed by a dentist.

To maintain a network of highly-qualified providers, the Credentialing Department follows stringent guidelines. In addition, Connection Dental Network has held URAC Accreditation for Health Network with credentialing since 2010.  Learn more about Connection Dental Network credentialing.