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Reporting, Support Tools, and Analysis

PPO USA Offers Network Analysis and Support Tools

PPO USA goes above and beyond to ensure your request for proposal (RFP) is at its best when it is delivered to your client. PPO USA leverages powerful tools from GeoAccess and Disruption Analysis software to generate customized reports that fit the needs of your clients, while growing your business.

By utilizing industry-leading software, PPO USA becomes your strategic partner to analyze network needs through accessibility analysis, provider matches, and RFP support.  

When an employer considers changing dental networks, it’s important to set your RFP apart from the competition by presenting the best network available.  PPO USA can generate a Disruption and Savings Analysis report to compare the employer’s current network with that of Connection Dental Network by utilizing claims history or procedure codes to create provider and cost savings benchmarks.  Sample Disruption Analysis Report

GeoNetworks Accessibility Analysis can identify utilization gaps within an employer group.  Detail reports with maps and charts show providers in areas needed most by employees or prospects. A consultation with PPO USA will empower clients with an accurate analysis of a robust nationwide dental network like Connection Dental Network to retain and cultivate business.  Sample GeoNetworks Accessibility Analysis Report